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I visited Dr Stephen Ferguson’s clinic and did a live blood test and a consultation with him. I have sent a many of my family members to him also and they had all found him to be brilliant.

The reason that I have created this blog is to show my appreciation to him and let other people know how brilliant he is also.



There are a number of different views that people have regarding live blood tests but my view is that it is one of the best tests that you can have so all of the people that speak negatively about it are extremely ignorant of it and in most cases have never actually had a live blood test before.

Here are some of the comments from Wikipedia a website that absolutely anyone can write on. I totally disagree with the comments below that lots of different people of many ages including children have written that have no knowledge of health.

“Live blood analysis (LBA), live cell analysisHemaview ornutritional blood analysis is the use of high-resolution dark field microscopy to observe live blood cells. Live blood analysis is promoted by some alternative medicine practitioners, who assert that it can diagnose a range of diseases. There is no scientific evidence that live blood analysis is reliable or effective, and it has been described as a fraudulent means of convincing patients that they are ill and should purchase dietary supplements.[1][2][3]

Live blood analysis is not accepted in laboratory practice and its validity as a laboratory test has not been established.[4] There is no scientific evidence for the validity of live blood analysis,[4] it has been described as a pseudoscientific, bogus and fraudulent medical test,[5][6] and its practice has been dismissed by the medical profession as quackery.[7] The field of live blood microscopy is unregulated, there is no training requirement for practitioners and no recognised qualification, no recognised medical validity to the results, and proponents have made false claims about both medical blood pathology testing and their own services, which some have refused to amend when icarded theories of pleomorphism promoted by Günther Enderlein, notably in his 1925 book Bakterien-Cyklogenie.”

Live blood testing helps you to see the here and now the blood cells are still alive unlike your standard blood test where the cells die within 30-60mins of leaving the body. Most diseases are related to the blood cells in the human body.